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    Were you ever notified by Globe Telecom that if they send you a paper bill, you will have to pay an additional P50 per bill?


      I went to the Globe office at SM Fairview (3rd Flr) last Friday, April 15, about billing concerns.  Noting that I was charged P1,049 instead of the agreed-upon plan for P999 a month, I questioned the agent helping me re the additional P50.  She informed me that this was for a paper bill statement. 


      Some background information:


      1.  When I signed up for my FIRST account (tattoo broadband, postpaid) in January 2013, I asked the agent for e-bills as I was always out of the country.  I was informed this was no problem.  So what did I receive from February 2013 till July 2015?  Paper bills; NOT e-bills.  Not wanting to make too much ado (especially since all the bills were for P999 anyway), I didn't say anything.


      2.  On July 29, 2015, the same day I left for the U.S., I went to Globe-SM Fairview to terminate my account as I had been experiencing horrible internet connection for several days already.  I kept trying to pay my bills online but couldn't as the internet kept cutting off.  Since I no longer had time to deal with anything, I decided to terminate said account.


      3.  A few days after I got back (October, 2015), I again went to Globe to start my SECOND account with Globe.  It was supposed to be tattoo broadband (postpaid) again for P999 per month.  I no longer mentioned anything about e-bills since it did not seem to matter anyway as can be seen from item #1 above re my FIRST account.  Needless to say, no one asked me either!


      4.  By early February, 2016, I realized that my problems in 2015 were still there!  The internet continued fading in and out.  I questioned the agent thoroughly as to what Globe could offer to make my life a lot easier--in other words, a THIRD account with Globe.  (This was the time when I was, for the first time ever, asked whether I wanted e-bill or paper bill.  I enthusiastically went for e-bill, of course.) 


      5.  Things did not go smoothly at first.  Finally, I spoke to one of Globe's supervisors, Ivan Lim, over the hotline.  He informed me that Globe would give me a landline so I could get a DSL.  That was really great and I must say I am quite happy with my DSL.


      6.  DSL installers came and finished installing on February 17, 2016. 


      7.  2 paper bills for my SECOND Globe account confirmed to me that Globe never disconnected my SECOND account!  (I made at least 2 attempts to confirm this before the 2nd bill. I gave up as I was not getting anywhere.)  After a long discussion at the Globe SM Fairview, this is all taken care of EXCEPT Globe will not remove the two P50 paper bill fees.  In addition, I will need to pay another P50 on top of the P100 if I fail to pay within 3 weeks of April 15!   It is, of course, possible that the reason Globe cannot take this out is because they use outside contractors to messenger these statements out.  Unfortunately, this is something that they should have thought of, having been in business for a long time.  At least, there should have been a warning.  Please note that when I was asked about whether I wanted e-bill for the DSL account, I was not really informed that I chose paper bills, that I would be charged P50 per statement.


      Now, I know, there are some who like to think that P50 is small stuff!  They have too much to do to worry about such matters or that their "amor propio" will just not let them.  Hmmmmm!  If you are charged P50 per paper bill and you were never warned about this or that  even your request for e-bills was ignored for over 2 years -- these definitely prove that P50 per means a whole lot!  Multiply this amount by so many hundreds, if not thousands, then we're talking about millions every single year.


      Thanks for reading this