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    Globe has charged me due to their own errors


      The scenario is like this, globe sent me a message that my request has been processed, without requesting anything, I was confused of course so I checked my GServices and dashboard to see if something changed.

      Displaying dashboard2.png

      My Internet usage has been refreshed from 2378.34MB it became 0MB and they charged me 421.40 Pesos. Upon calling their agent, the request is about my free spotify, that they changed my current promo from GoSurf499 w/ free Spotify to Globe 499. I asked her why charged me 421.40? She told me that she cannot answer unless my bill has been generated. But on her records it seems that the charge is due to excess usage of data.


      After a while, globe sent me another message. I did not even used my phone between the time span and yet globe charge another 400+ pesos again. Worst, they even cut my line.

      This time I checked my data usage via *143#.

      From 3072MB data limit it became 5450.34MB. I did not exceed my data usage too, it states that I have only used upto 2378.34MB. Sadly they actually charging me on my used data (5450.34 - 3072 = 2378.34) by adding it to my existing plan. What a sham. Because they refresh my data allocation due to spotify their system became on mess and miscalculates everything.



      Anyone facing same problems with me?