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    how long does it take before the support group takes action on matters raised to them?


      I am currently enrolled In load tipid plan 300, but my load for this month didn't arrive. according to those I talked to in live chat, I should receive my load every 13th of the month.


      last Saturday, I asked the first person I talked to if when will my problem be resolved, she said I need to come back to live chat after 24 hour, and I did. but the person I talked to said I need to come back again for another 24 hours, I was pissed at this time.

      and earlier today, I came back to live chat, they said I need to get back at them in 24-48 hours.


      is it really that hard to settle my problem? 300php undelivered load taking 4 days or maybe more to resolve? is this how incompetent and inefficient Globe services is?!?!?!