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    Unable to transact thru G2A Pay


      I can't seem to be able to transact through G2A Pay using my Gcash MasterCard.
      I receive message saying:

      "Transaction failed
      Payment has been declined by the card issuer. Please contact your bank for more details."


      I have already been KYCed, I have linked my number to my card, and I know I have enough funds to be able to purchase. (About 490 PHP purchase, I have about 580 PHP in my wallet)


      Additionally, I was able to link my card to my G2A account and even received a text message that I paid 51.64 PHP to G2A.

      What seems to be the problem? Thanks.

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          Usually such issues are related with certain restrictions placed on the card by the issuer. It may be that there is a region restriction on it. Please note that G2A is originated in Europe, which might be the reason of this rejection. In any case we suggest contacting the card issuer to learn more about this issue.


          If you have any further questions or doubts, keep in mind that you can always find additional information on G2A's FAQ or by contacting us on Live Chat or writing at helpdesk(at)g2a.com. Our consultants are there for you 24/7.


          See you again at G2A!




          G2A Team

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              Thanks for the quick reply G2A! You seem to have faster customer service than this actual site's company.


              Anyway, I am still waiting for a response from the GCash team.


              I have been in contact with the Facebook page but they take ages to reply. I have been told that my personal details were not properly uploaded to their system and asked if I surrendered my ID during KYC (in which I did). That's about it so far. I still haven't been able to use my MasterCard which makes it rather useless at the moment. I hope someone from GCash responds. Thanks.