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    Anyone experiencing a problem with their Globe-provided Samsung S7?


      Had the phone for about 6 days now and experienced no problems until today. I tried to use the S7 as a mobile hotspot for my laptop. After a few hours the mobile data icon was gone, internet connection was lost but network signal is strong. Turned the mobile data on and off to see if it will return but it didn't. Changed the signal preference (from LTE/3g/2g to 3g/2g and to LTE/3g/2g again....) to see if the connection will be restored and if the mobile data icon (on top beside the network signal) will reappear but it didn't. I had to restart the phone for it to work properly again. While that issue was happening, my out going messages failed to send too, but out going calls was possible, which was only resolved upon restarting the phone. After a few hours it happened again. I immediately called globe hotline to ask if there was a network problem in my area (I was just at home during the incident) but they said there was none and the network was fine. I googled for any reports on that same issue and this is what I found out:


      Q: “I just purchase the new Galaxy S7 two days ago. I have noticed that a couple times a day, it will stop SENDING text messages. I restart the phone, and the issue resolves. I know this is a new phone, but I’m hoping that I can get some help with this. It’s annoying to do this 2-3 times a day. Thanks for your help.

      A: When it happens, are you mobile or not? If you’re mobile, it might be a coverage issue as signal reception can be interrupted when in transit, although, it may still be a network issue even if you’re still. For this, you really have to call your service provider or carrier and troubleshoot with the representative because there’s always a chance that it’s an issue with the phone. Negotiate a replacement if the rep didn’t provide a permanent fix for it.

      Do you think this is a phone defect? Should I ask for a replacement? I'm a bit hesitant because 2 yrs ago I asked for a phone replacement (within 7 days of unit receipt) but Globe in our province did not replace it. And that if I ask for a replacement again, Globe staff will just come up with reasons not to have my phone replaced.