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    Note5 4G Data connection heating issue


      I have this phone for about 3 months now and it's been great for me overall. However starting last week, I started to experience a heating problem. Whenever I'm on data and on 4G connection, my phone heats up crazy, about 43° Celsius and I did not wait to find out how high it can get. This is without doing anything!


      So I can say I'm not that really new when it comes to troubleshooting Android phones, I had my fair share of bricking my older phones due to tweaking, rooting, etc. :D However my Note5 is not rooted, dual sim version but I only use 1 sim.


      I already suspected an app that might be causing it, but gsam can't really see what the suspect was (Now I realized, troubleshooting a non rooted phone is harder) so I want to safe mode. Now all my 3rd party eliminated, after turning my 4G on and locked the phone, it still heated. :crying:


      So, I tried putting it on 2G or 3G and my phone does not heat up the way it does when it's on 4G, it only comes close to around 36° and this is normal while browsing.


      It never did this until just last week, what are your thoughts?


      I'm in the Philippines and I'm a Globe user, anyone experiencing the same? Does it have to do with the signal?