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    myLifestyle No Lock-up Plan 599 - Exceeding Internet Usage


      I downgraded my plan from 1799 to 599 and during my internet usage with the previous plan Globe had the capability to enforce the 3 GB / month FUP. Now that I have downgraded my plan, Globe's FUP did not kick-in when I exceeded my allocated 500 MB internet usage. Why is it that the higher plan has FUP and the smaller plan doesn't have one?


      Also, the sales offered me two options. One is the anti-shock which I still have to pay 1500 php if I exceeded the internet usage and the other is more of if like if I exceeded the allocated internet downlod of 500 MB they will cut of my all my voice call, msg and internet. Both options are unfair for the end user / customer. Why do Globe have to cut my line if they can implement the 3 GB FUP in the first place?