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    I can't add booster MYSUPERUNLI 599 to my postpaid plan


      Please help. I tried to subscribe to Globe booster MYSUPERUNLI 599, but I got a reply from Globe showing this:

                                    "Sorry, we cannot process your request. You are currently subscribed to a promo

                                    that cannot coexist with MYSUPERUNLI."

      I am currently subscribed to My Super Plan Unli Surf Combo 1799 with the following freebies:

      Freebie I

      Free SuperSurf - Unlimited mobile surfing.

      Freebie B

      5 mins call and 25 SMS to other networks.

      Freebie A
      10 mins call and 200 SMS to Globe and TM.

      Freebie E-(0905) ***-***
      Free SuperOne - Unlimited Calls & Text

      I want to know why I can't add this booster and which promo cannot coexist with this. Also, I can't seem to change my freebies online. Do I need to go to Globe Store just to add a booster? Thanks!