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    CAVEAT for the new LTE Sim being offered FREE by Globe !


      I was offered by Globe through text promo that I can change my regular postpaid sim for a free LTE simcard. When I inquired further to their Globe Glorieta brach they informed me that my SG4 is compatible with the new LTE sim, thus I was convinced to change my sim. Voila . . . my trouble and anguish started.  The new LTE sim is turning on and off the unit and is drastically draining my battery. I was instructed to go to a nearby Globe store also in Gloritta, but the same happened. They're were saying my unit is the culprit and I was being offered SG7, I told them its not in my budget and I just requested for my old regular sim. Unfortunately they said this has been inactivated and they can not activate it anymore as they only have LTE sims and are not carrying anymore non-LTE sims. I was left therefore with no phone to use and Globe has no solution. This is CAVEAT to all. Any recommendation from the community ? Shall I go Smart already