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    Recontracting concern




      I just want to ask if anyone has encountered being charged in advance for a recontract account?


      I opted to continue having this provider's service after having served the 30 month lock-in period of my previous plan  The CS who assisted me assured me that there is no cash out or any advance form of payment with the exception of me needing to pay 625 regardless if I want to avail a powerbank or not which supposedly was a "free" item for all wishing to avail of the recontract.

      So I paid the 625 and opted to get the Lifestyle plan 599. This new plan was supposed to start last Sunday 4/24.


      Upon checking the bill I received last April 26, I was shocked that I am now billed for two plans, (1) the services of my previous/old postpaid plan in addition (2) to the newly activated plan.


      I have had no issues like this with my postpaid plans with the other providers.  Any feedback on this will be highly appreciated.