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    Globe Misleading Promotion_free 1month gadget care for plan 1799_iphone 6s plus


      Globe Postpaid_Misleading Information


      Globe is offering postplan for Iphone 6s+ at php1,799.00/monthly rate

      The packAge includes some free perks like FREE Gadget Care for 1month. This will cover the gadget from theft or accidental physical damage. And promo runs until April 30, 2016.


      Last thursday -April 14, 2016, my friend Janet Ferolino received her postpaid package with Plan1,799 iphone6s +. Unfortunately, last saturday the phone was robbed by ipit ipit gang inside the bus on her way home from pasay city.

      Since the package has its Gadget Care for 1 month, we immediately reported the case to Police Stn 9 at Anonas and requested for police report to support the incident. Sunday afternoon, we went to Globe Tel Trinoma branch to report the incident and file the lost and claims. Unfortunately, the customer service informed us that her plan doesn't have the gadget care, and confirmed that it is a negligence of the sales rep who accommodated Janet's application.


      We called Globe customer service hotline and requested to activate the gadget care as it should be done on the day of release of her phone since part of the package is a free 1 month of it. But until now, Globe cust service can't activate the gadget care and been giving her false hope. As advised by the CSR, the claims should be done within 7days after the incident, however, we can't start the process since gadget care has to be activated first.


      My friend Janet Ferolino received a call from CSR saying that they can't activate the gadget care due to her account limit is below the required qualification which is php2,200.? Which never stated in the promotion that there is such qualification.


      You may check the history and notations of her transaction. Pahirap po kayo and incompetent mga customer service nyo!!!


      The package and inclusions are posted on their website. It is clear that the said gadget care is included on the particluar plan for 1month. — with Janet Katrin Ferolino / +63 977 850 4213.