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    Will my AT&T Apple phone work there?


      My daughter will be visiting Puerto-Princesa the end of this week. Will she be able to use her Apple phone there with AT&T as her carrier? if so does she have to do any changes to her settings in the phone itselff? Are there any recommendations community members have that would make my daughters trip a less stressful one. Stressful of the unknown that is. Thanks in advance for your response. from  her dad

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          Please call AT&T for roaming instructions. For roaming in the Philippines, you don't need to modify any setting at all as long as your carrier activates your roaming services. It should connect automatically to AT&T's local partner once your daughter arrives in the Philippines. Note however that Puerto Prinsesa is still not fully covered by Smart and Globe Telecoms, so expect some limited access on that island using your roaming service. 

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