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    TM regular load and customer service


      Hi. I am a TM prepaid subscriber and i have a concern on the folllowing service:


      1. Unused regular load is omitted inspite having subscribed to an unlimitted call and text promo. I noticed this several times and the last two times i loaded 50 pesos, The next day it was either gone or an amount was already deducted without having transaction to other network call, internet data access or anything that i can use my regular load.

      Last Sunday, i have loaded my account with 50 pesos, subscribed to CA20 then supposed to be after 3 days i still have 30 but i found out it was gone. By Thursday, i again loaded by tm account with 50, subscribed to CU10 and the following day my load is already 16.


      2. I tried to call customer service 808 via mobile and 027301500 landline but upon hearing the first option 1 to 3 for the language I always hear the response "sorry you have entered the wrong number".


      Would there be any other way to contact the TM representative about the issue?