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    How to setup my Globe tattoo Internet on a Cisco Linksys WiFi Router ?




      my Prolink WiFI router that Globe provided is not working anymore. So I got a Cisco Linksys EA2700 WiFi router and want to configure it so I can continue using my Globe Tattoo Internet.

      However I am facing some problems and hope someone can help me.


      I access the Cisco Linksys WiFi Router under the IP address

      Under Setup --> Basic Setup --> Internet Setup I chose "PPPoE" then I enter my username and password. The password seems to be my Globe Tatto account number.

      First question here: is it normal that the Username is usually "[email protected]" ?


      Anyway I even confirmed with the Globe Tattoo Support that this seems to be my User and Password combination.

      However it is still not connecting to the Internet. I assume I also need to make some entries under "Network Setup" --> Host Name and Domain Name. I have the strong feeling I need to enter something under "Host Name" and "Domain Name".

      In general this Cisco WiFi Router offers quite some more configuration options than the Prolink had before.


      Do I have to enter something under "MTU" ?

      Do I need to change the 'Router IP Address" from to something else ?


      I already browsed the Internet but cannot find a helpful link. Can someone help me ?


      Best regards,