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    Plan 999 Inclusions and Service Issues Complaint


      Complaining for my Account No. 1034853899


      Dear Globe Customer Service Manager,


      This is to bring to your immediate attention my complaint regarding Plan 999 with S7 Edge which I availed at Ali Mall Cubao last May 8, 2016.


      To summarize:


      1). May 8, 6:00PM - I visited your store at Ali Mall Cubao and inquired if S7 Edge (Black) is available. I spoke to Ms. Honey, the sales personnel stationed at the entrance of your store. I asked her if S7 Edge Black is available for new line application to be paid via credit card. She checked and told me "Yes" it is available and can be processed immediately if paid via credit card. I asked her if SurfMore (5GB) is also available because I found through your online store (Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G935FD) 32GB - Postpaid Plan | Online Shop - Globe Telecom) that Globe is offering 5GB data with good perks/inclusions. She went inside your backroom to check and after confirming, she said that "Yes" it is also available. Delighted with her good accommodation, I applied and filled-up the application form. She then requested for my two valid IDs for her to photocopy. After completely accomplishing the form, she instructed me to wait to process my application.

      I waited for approx 30mins before she went back to me and asked for my credit card. Before giving my card, I showed her my tablet to further ask if the inclusions on your website for Plan 999 is the same to what I am applying for. She seem not familiar with your online inclusions and she get my tablet for her to show to a senior officer who nodded and confirmed the same (you may review your store's CCTV camera to verify this). I  gave my credit card to process payment. After 5-10mins, she went back with a Globe paper bag and receipts for me to sign (credit card charge slip, Official receipts). I thanked her for the assistance and transaction ended.


      2). May 9, 10PM - I finally got signal signifying activation of my account. But upon checking, signal in my area seem to be poor since i only got one to no signal bar so I called your 211 hotline to report my signal concern and I was given a ref No. 97517822 and advised that SLA is 5 days to verify the complaint.


      3). May 10, 9PM -  I called your hotline to verify my plan inclusions and I spoke to a certain lady, I just forgot to get her name but I asked what are my inclusions since I am to use my IG account. She checked my records and after a minute, she said that I got Unlicalls/Txt to Globe/TM and I have "3GB" GoSurf on my account. I asked why only 3GB where I applied for SurfMore. She said that I am activated with 3GB internet only. I kept on asking what are the remedy for this and she told me to visit Ali Mall Cubao and report my complaint there. I told her I am already calling Globe hotline so why pass me to the store to resolve my complaint? I asked for immediate head to take my call and she said there are no available supervisor/manager to take my call. She seem so steadfast and told me that she will just log my complaint and escalate my concern to the proper group. I was disappointed already that time. After reporting my concern, she advised me to wait 24-48 hours and someone will get back to me to resolve my concern.


      I tried also reporting my case to your chat support group. Please refer to Ticket No. 1605101807.


      4).Today at 8PM, I called your hotline to follow-up my complaint regarding plan inclusions and I was able to spoke to a certain guy. He told me that he can't find any escalation report except my network concern last May 9 - seriously what??? I am irate already hearing that my complaint last may 10 was not properly attended and the girl whom I spoke to didn't logged my concern on your system properly. He apologized for the inconvenience it have caused me and he said he will create surely a report about my case. He narrated all inclusions that were activated on my account and asked me about my expectations and I told him that I applied for Plan 999 with Surf More (5GB) not Go Surf (3GB) and I am expecting the same inclusions found on your online store which I narrated as follows:


      • 499 Unli Call & Text to Globe/TM
      • Surf More 499 (5GB Data Allowance)
      • FREE 24 months Instagram
      • FREE 3 months Spotify Premium
      • FREE 3 months HOOQ
      • FREE 3 months Game Pack
      • FREE 1GB Globe Cloud
      • FREE 1 month Gadget Care


      I told him frankly that if Ali Mall Cubao have told me that it is only 3GB and inclusions are not the same online as above mentioned, I will definitely opt applying online due to better perks and privileges. After answering his probing questions, I asked him to gave me a report no as I am doubting already if they will really log my concern due to previous experience. He gave ref no. 41646884. I asked him to transfer me to a supervisor / manager whom I can talk to and he said he will transfer me to sales supervisor since his supervisor is engaged attending to other calls. He tried and after couple of minutes, he said that he really cant transfer my call and he gave me a new report no. 41648075. Clueless why giving me two report numbers, he mentioned to just disregard the old report and refer to the latter one. I asked his name and he mentioned "Jay Ocampo".


      Experiencing several service issues narrated above, I just hope that Globe will attend to this complaint ASAP and resolve this with utmost attention. I trust this is not the way that Globe wishes to conduct transaction with your customers, especially the new ones.


      Disappointed Customer,


      Mr. Barrion

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          Anyone from Globe Here? Need reply on my concern above.

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              Hi Mr. Barrion, I am not an employee of Globe but mere also a subscriber. Based on your concern, your issue account specific and none of the members here on the community has an access to subscribers account except from our community managers that might be able to follow up your concern. Now moving on to your concern, not only you but also other members experience issues with Globe hotline agents reporting some concerns about their accounts it may not be the same what you are experiencing now. Yes, we get irate sometimes with this agents for not promptly providing any possible solution to our concerns. But let us understand, this agents are not direct employees of Globe are agents from a third party BPO who handles Globe accounts. There are time that this agents gets rattled when hearing an irate customer on the other line and this result to a bad support. I am not defending this people, I am just trying to provide some info on how this people work and had also the same experience before when I started working in the BPO industry. Nonetheless, to help you out I will tag our community managers to your post hopefully they can clarify everything regarding your data inclusion on your plan. paulos nelskib Guys, can help our fellow community member.

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                  Hi Zyper95, thanks for helping. Globe should have invested on training

                  their people. I handled telco service before from another competitor but

                  this is the first time, as a new subscriber from globe that i have

                  experienced incompetent hotline people. I learned now that everytime i need

                  to call their hotline, for non-inquiry but special cases or complaints, i

                  have to look for manager or sup to handle properly my concern.

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                      I can't say anything how the other BPO company train their agents, but from my previous company who handles Globe account before was pretty much well trained all necessary information is provided to the BPO company by Globe so agents can properly provide the appropriate answer. And I know "another BPO" company located in Ortigas who handle Globe account has some serious problem with their training department. So this could be the main issue hotline agents unable to provide the appropriate support for all Globe subscribers. I can attest that their so called trainers are "unfit" of their position they lack knowledge and skills. So I guess Globe should rethink of extending their contract with this "another BPO" company or they will lose a lot of business if this type of support continues.

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                  Paulo D

                  Hi cristusinvictus,


                  Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. Let me send you a PM since your concern is account-specific. Closing this thread so we can continue our discussion there.