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             I have been  a loyal subscriber of your Network for almost 2 decades now and I never won any of your promos especially this Load Spin Promo. One way or another , I joined and had thousands of spins but I never won anything. It saddens me that after abiding with your mechanics, all my efforts were in vain. I'm starting to believe that this is a hoax. It's reprehensible to think this way but it's what's happening! But still, I like Globe Network. I will still be a loyal subscriber until maybe forever. ;- )

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          Hi jhunbiden,


          Thank you for being loyal to Globe. Just keep in joining raffle promos who knows someday you'll be a big winner. No one can really predict when will be that day. with the increasing number of subscribers the probability to win is very thin, it is just 0.000002% out of the 48M+ subscribers. No hoax raffle promos since these are approved by DTI.


          Hope to see you being the lucky winner someday!. Good Luck!