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    Ultima Other Charges


      Good day everyone!


      2 years ago I signed up for a Globe Postpaid Plan and got a iPhone 5C with a 2 year contract. For that period of time, I was being deducted 600 (PV) peso value points on my bill under Ultima Oter Charges for my iPhone 5C. The way I understand it is that it works like a monthly amortization for my chosen handset so I just let it be.


      Now my contract expired last March 15, 2016. I was under the impression that the iPhone 5C charge for 600PV under Ultima Other Charges will go away since my contract is over. But I am still continuously being deducted for April and May.


      I tried sending an email to Globe 2 weeks ago but they have not replied.


      I hope you guys can help me.


      Thank you in advance.