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    BlackBerry Z10 LTE Exclusive to Globe



      Globe is proud to carry the new Blackberry Z10 LTE exclusive to Globe, the No. 1 in Postpaid!




      The Z10 LTE is the latest BlackBerry smartphone – equipped with a plethora of new features. Enjoy an enhanced phone navigation and web browsing experience with this new LTE-capable device that was built to keep you moving!


      Great news for Globe Community Members!

      Apply for a BlackBerry Z10 LTE Postpaid Plan through our Globe Community to receive a Community-exclusive gift! Just click HERE (login required).


      BlackBerry Z10 LTE Specifications:





      2G, 3G, 4G, LTE

           Operating System:

      Blackberry OS

           Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth):

      130 x 65.6 x 9 mm


      137.5 g



           Alert Types:

      MP3, Vibration





           Card slot:

      microSD, up to 64 GB


      16 GB storage, 2 GB RAM



           GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth, and USB Supported




      8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash


      Geo-tagging, Face detection, Image stabilization

           Video Camera:




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          got my Z10 about a month ago from Globe Market Market, then a few weeks after using it, the camera just stopped working and just showed color bars. now they told me I have to wait 90 days to have the unit fixed. :smileysad: i waited a month for the unit to be realeased, my LTE has not been activated since I got the unit and now this problem... so ironic that I love this unit and now I am experiencing all this. I hope there will be a quicker and easier solution to my problem.

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              Hello, Chammyboy.


              Go back to the Globe Store and insist with all your might that they should give you a new handset as a replacement.  They should not make you wait for 90 days.


              If it's a defect, then Globe Store should replace it.  Don't accept a repaired unit. I don't know with Samsung users. but BlackBerry users do not deserve repaired units.


              If you need help, just message me in Twitter. You don't need to follow me.



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              How come BBZ10 is offered in online for P13100 cash out for a new subscription at Plan 999 while the recontracting offer for an old subscriber with the same plan is shellinga a cash out of P16300? Is it not an old subscriber should get the better offer?
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                  Hi RonMaranan,


                  Based on our current price bulletin, in the Best Ever My Superplan, the total cash out for BBz10 is at 16,300 for Plan 999  for 24 months.


                  If you want, you can select a contract duration for 30 months, the total cash out will be at 12,800 PHP for Plan 999.



                  The prices that I gave you is based as of today and it might change without prior notice.



                  Hope this helps!




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                  I got my BlackBerry Z10 LTE from Globe for FREE @ 1799 for 30 months on March 22, 2013.  


                  I had a few problems with the line Activation, 4G/LTE Activation, Invalid Cash Out Charges, etc.


                  But thanks to Globe Store Greenbelt 4 and my extra patience and efforts, I am now enjoying this all new device from BlackBerry.





                  WILL find ways


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                    Hello, I received my first bill and it says my cash-out price (one-time charge) is P16,300.

                    However, I applied online for Plan 999 with cash-out price of P13,100.

                    Until now, the website states the same value. http://www.globe.com.ph/bbz10-newplanapplication

                    Shouldn't my bill show P13,100 and not P16,300?

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                      hi guys,


                      just surrendered my Z10 to a globe business center last monday (7/22/2013). speaker isnt working. headset, earpiece mouthpiece and everything is okay but no speaker. 


                      My question is, do you guys have an idea how long will it take to come back? ive been advised that the unit needs to be sent outside the country which means it would take longer (like more than a month). do you guys have an estimation that you could give so i could manage my expectations because im missing the phone badly already.