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    Cellular data


      Hi! I can't access the internet with my cellular data. Its on LTE but still, I can't connect to the internet. Please do something about. Its been 2 weeks! Thank you!

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          hi violanteaprille,


          1. What phone are you using?

          2. are you a prepaid or postpaid user?

          3. Please check your APN settings. for prepaid : http.globe.com.ph For Postpaid: internet.globe.com,ph

          4. If you are using an iPhone, please check if the app you are trying to use is allowed to use data services. you can check this in iPhone's settings.

          5. If Android phone, like huawei, please check also if the app or browser you are using to connect the internet is allowed. If samsung phone, i think you don't have this problem

          6. try to check your signal if you are receiving a descent LTE signal in your area. if not, try to switch to a lower mode like HSPA+, WCDA, 3G, Edge, etc.

          7.  if you have a good signal yet, no data connection, this might be the problem of congestion too many users in your area.

          8. If you have done checking everything and you still not get any positive results, try to contact any of our support channels then ask if there's any network troubleshooting activities in your area.


          visit this link for the other support channels. Contact Us


          Thanks and hope these help...