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    My outgoing call is disconnected


      I paid my bill since 5/4/16, but until now my outgoing is still deactivated...I have tried every possible way to address my concern to Globe but nothing has been done..I even went to Globe ofc so they can check whats wrong with my account,they let me talk to a customer service,after series of questions I was assured that in 2hrs my outgoing will be reconnected..after a few days,still nothing happened..I contacted costumer service through globe chat,and after being passed on to 6 different agents,nobody really helped me with my concern..this is such a dilemma considering that I even overpaid my bill and im paying every month for something that I cant even use..and nobody,just nobody is helping with my concern..is somebody here can tell me what I need to do or what might be the cause or whom shall I address my concern to?tnks so much and hope somebody can help me here