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    Load Panalo Spins


      It is indicated on your load panalo mechanics that if I do reload Php 500.00 I would receive 32 free spins. Every month, I reload Php 500.00 (prepaid card) and I haven't received any free spin. Or do i need to reload thru loading stations instead of buying a prepaid card?

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          Paulo D

          Hi cesdimapilis,


          All spins will be awarded the next day after you reload. Once the free spin is awarded, an SMS will be sent to notify you and direct you to the site.


          If you still haven't received the SMS confirmation and spins, you can call the Xurpas hotline (02)8896467, open Mondays to Fridays at 9AM-5PM, and provide your mobile number and transaction details such as the date of the reload and the amount reloaded.